Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blankets4Liberia Update!

A few weeks ago, it was feeling alittle like Christmas around here! The shipping container arrived, and our house was full of boxes! Included on the container were the 284+ blankets from the Blankets4Liberia pledge, as well as New Hope/HeartCry. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in the Blankets4Liberia pledge! It's been like Christmas for the kids--everybody getting their very own blanket to stay warm this rainy season, and to help protect against malaria. Here are some photos from the blanket distribution. Enjoy the photos!


Laurina said...

I love you site. I wanted to know if you have anymore Liberia Bracelets ??

Ashley said...

Hi Laurina,
Yes, I have more of the Liberia bracelets. I'm coming home in a few weeks and will have plenty with me. How many would you like?