Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls!

Part of the container delivery included more than 100 handmade dolls for the children that I work with in Liberia. Thanks to a kind (and motivated and generous...) stranger (Kim) that came across my blog last year, she started the doll-making train. She inspired others to make dolls for Liberia! Between Kim, me, my sister (Julianne) and the GA's at New Hope Baptist Church, we sewed, stitched, stuffed and shipped more than 100 dolls to Liberia! The girls have LOVED the dolls, and it has been so much fun to hand them out. The container even arrived in time for my mom to help hand out the dolls! Thank you to Kim, the New Hope GA's and Julianne for creating such beautiful, special dolls! And GA's--I will bring the letters home from your new friends soon! Here are some photos!

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Anonymous said...

I almost have tears in my eyes! ~Kim