Friday, July 15, 2011


Sometimes there are children who fight hard. The situations and circumstances that they come from are unimaginable. Life is extremely difficult, there are no opportunities, and there is no encouragement or motivation to change their situation--they are oppressed and left without a voice. That is why we are here in Liberia. To fight for these children.

One child who has fought hard is George. George is 10 years old, and now he has a new outlook on life. George came from an terrible and hopeless situation. He was living in an orphanage with horrible conditions, he was sick and hungry and he wasn’t in school. He spent many days wandering around the community trying to find work, and usually doing hard, manuel labor, so that he would have food for the day. It appeared that George would never have a way out of that life.

The good news is that George got out! Orphan Relief and Rescue fought hard for George so that he could attend an excellent boarding school, where he has a clean and safe place to live, and he is finally receiving an education. In the beginning, George was having a difficult time adjusting to a new life of structure and discipline, and he was frequently fighting and causing trouble. One afternoon I sat down to talk to George--to find out why he’s fighting and to encourage him and let him know that I knew the real George and that George did not fight. I went to visit George a few weeks later, and when I saw him, he was standing in the front of his classroom in his crisp uniform and big smile, leading his classmates in spelling words. George was improving.

Fast forward a few more months. George is thriving! He has been participating in our weekly CDP time and every week he eagerly raises his hand to participate. He walks with his head held high and carries that huge smile! A few weeks ago, George sat down and read an entire book to me--something he would never have been able to do before. The next week, I noticed George sitting in the corner reading another book aloud. I couldn’t help but just sit there and smile; thinking about how much George’s life has changed, and wondering what George’s future holds. George is going to do great things--for himself, for others and for the country of Liberia. This is why Orphan Relief and Rescue exists. To help children like George.

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