Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Gifts with a Purpose--Good Gifts Market

It's that time again! What time, you ask? It's time (well, really it's past time) to roll out this year's Good Gifts Market! I've got some things from Liberia, as well as some handmade ornaments, that I think would make great additions to your Christmas shopping, plus, all of the money goes to help orphans in Liberia! What could be better than that?!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments
I've been doing hours and hours of experimenting with making different Christmas ornaments. Right now, I think I have about 15 different versions, but here are the GOOD ones! Ornaments can either be ordered in regular ($20) or large ($25)
{Name, Dream, Destiny Ornament: glass ornament with a child's photo inside. Can also include Liberian fabric.}
{Glass Etched Ornaments: Choose to put a heart on Liberia, or anywhere in Africa, or no heart at all.}
{Hand painted glass ornament with "shiny-shine" Africa.}

Amazing Grace Jewelry
I'm pretty sure everybody knows how much I love Amazing Grace Jewelry! Amazing Grace beads are made from discarded and recycled glass bottles. The bottles are crushed into tiny pieces, placed in handmade clay molds and heated in a wood-fired earthen oven. Jewelry makers shape the hot glass beads, smooth them and string them by hand.
{The people of Amazing Grace are extremely kind--they have even let some of my girls spend time learning how to make the beautiful jewelry!}

Recycling, provide women in Liberia with income and skills training, getting/giving a great piece of jewelry with a purpose, and all proceeds go to help orphans. Um, WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN! To see all of the pieces that are available, click here.
{Prices range from $10-$50.}

Jogma's Handcrafts
If you've been around here long enough, you've heard plenty of stories about Jogma. You've also seen some of her beautiful sewing projects. She made some things for me to bring home, and I've still got a few items left, so I thought I'd offer them to you! Jogma requires another post, but for now, here are some of her things!
{Jogma and I sitting on the porch sewing. Choose a headband ($10)-9 different lappas-and I only have 3 clutches ($15) left!}

Each item was lovingly crafted by Jogma, who lives at Frances Gaskin Rescue Home in Liberia. Jogma LOVES to sew! Jogma and I spend Friday mornings on the porch together--sewing, talking about life and laughing. Jogma is also quite the business woman! She started a tailoring business, and used the profits to open a dry goods shop. Jogma also helps me teach sewing classes to other kids. All proceeds from Jogma's handicrafts will be given back to her--so she can pay school fees (she's in 11th grade and dreams of going to college). Jogma also needs money to provide for her son Joshua, who is almost 4 months old.

Alfreda's Dolls
Alfreda is a wonderful doll-maker, but I also consider her one of my Liberian friends. I frequently stop by her shop to say hello, to see what new things she's working on, to ask her where I can find specific sewing supplies, or to take visitors souvenir shopping. She learned her doll-making skills from her mother as a child, and it's always exciting to see when a new handicraft is made available in Liberia. Alfreda creates each doll by hand, using natural elements and beautiful Liberian lappa fabric. Alfreda's dolls make a unique and beautiful Christmas gift!
{Canoe Dolls: Dolls set into banana leaf canoes ($25), measuring approximately 15" long and 7"tall.}
{Single Dolls ($20) : Lappa seller , Rice beater, Rice harvester , Displaced mother. All have babies on their backs. Dolls measure 11"-13" in height.

Christmas Bundles
Maybe you're not interested in purchasing anything from the Good Gifts Market, but you want to make a direct impact on orphans in Liberia. For only $25, you can bring joy this Christmas to one of the beautiful children that I work with in Liberia! Please visit Orphan Relief and Rescue's website to buy a bundle (or a few!), and don't forget to write a note to go along with your bundle!

Please look around and leave a comment or send me an email if you would like to make a purchase. You can pay easily through PayPal, and all prices include shipping! Give gifts that matter this year and help orphans in Liberia! Merry Christmas!

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