Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011! [Year in Review]


It’s been a pretty incredible year.

There have been highs.

And there have been lows.

It’s pretty crazy to think about where this past year has taken me.

The places I’ve been.

The people I’ve met.

The children who continue to change my life.

The ways I’ve seen God move.

It’s been unreal.

A Year in Review Through Blog Entries

In January, you all collected 854 pairs of undies from the Undies4Liberia pledge, and I returned to Liberia.

In February, there was alot of joy and I celebrated my 3 year anniversary of being in Liberia.

March was the beginning of the struggles: struggling to help people and struggling to find hope.

In April, my moment with Yamah made me realize why I’m in Liberia in the first place.

May had celebration, declaration and grief.

June gave more reason to celebrate, and an unexpected twist.

In July, we celebrated a new home, while I adjusted to America and settled into a two-month stint on my couch with a broken foot.

By August, I was sick and tired of being homebound, but just HAD to get to the ocean. The week at the beach freed me from my crutches, and gave me alittle sanity.

September was busy with the ORR staff retreat in Seattle and the missions conference ay my home church.

I spent half of October in Seattle experiencing the life of an ORR home office employee.

November landed me in Virginia for a week of fundraising and reconnecting with God. And, the Blankets4Liberia pledge began.

This December, I have enjoyed the holidays with my family and so many children experienced true joy this Christmas in Liberia!

It has been an unbelievable year! Just in making this post, I've noticed that the year began and ended with YOU! Your love, prayers, encouragement, support and your willingness to get involved in all of these silly pledges--you're the best! I can't thank you enough for all of it! I also noticed that, although this year was my most difficult in Liberia yet(deaths of 2 children, my 'month of darkness'--as I call it, malaria, a broken foot, coming home unexpectedly), there was also alot of JOY!

I wish you a very happy new year! I pray blessings on you this year. I hope that 2011 bring you unending love, a deeper understanding, an abundance of blessings and great, deep joy! I am looking forward to this year with great anticipation because things just keep getting better! I can't wait to share this next year, and this next chapter of my journey, with you!

“Weeping my last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

Psalm 30:5

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