Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Celebration Post... kind of like a celebration breakfast. Or maybe not.

First of all...I've been in Liberia for 1 month?! The past month has gone by so fast! I can't believe I'm already talking about having to book a plane ticket home.

Secondly, this is post #101! I can't believe I've been so talkative!

Third, let me tell you about yesterday's adventure to VOA.

You see, every month when I have to go to VOA to deliver food, it's always an adventure. You might remember the video from last month about the road conditions to VOA. Well, yesterday's adventure could fall into the 'Liberia ridiculous' category. But, it really was a good day, and we finally made it to VOA with the food. Let's just say, picture our Tata barreling down Somalia the front is Cramer and Ma Mary, and riding like Miss America in the back are Debbie and I...along with about 600 pounds of food! We were sitting pretty on top of 4 bags of rice, 1 bag of bulgarwheat, 1 bag of flour, 4 tins of milk and 1 tin of oil--which make for a pretty good seat. If you could only see the commotion 2 white chics riding in the back of a pickup truck cause around's pretty funny! So, we're headed down Somalia Drive and Cramer starts braking really hard and fast, over and over again. We thought he was just messing with us because we were trying to drink our water. We get to Freeport and he turns into the port where MercyShips is docked. This wasn't in the plan, so we knew something was wrong. As things go around here (and since we're 0 for 4 in the vehicle department), our brakes went out (we just had them fixed 2 days ago because they went out last Saturday), and we defiantly couldn't go any farther without brakes. So we stopped at the ship to try to figure out Plan B. Thankfully, they loaned us a driver and a car from the ship to take us the rest of the way to VOA (thank you Olly!). When we got to VOA, I realized that even though the brakes going out was completely annoying and frustrating, God was totally watching out for us because there's no way our truck would have made it. Check out the road conditions....
It's like a road full of super thick and slimy chocolate milk. And when you're vehicle is low to the ground, full of food and without 4-wheel drive, it's an impossible task.

The moral of the story is: going to VOA is never boring!


SOOZIEP said...

Hi-O Ashley... Greetings from Atlanta!
I found you some kind of way through New Hope Baptist Churchs' website... I think. Are you affiliated with New Hope? I have been to Liberia twice, both on mission trips and would love to connect with you. Please send me your email address so we can communicate. God Bless you for your faithfullness to His call on your life and the children there in Liberia!

With you in Spirit and Truth,
Old Ma (Susan Pierce)
Fayetteville, GA

PS Never posted a blog before. Hope I'm doing this correctly and it goes through okay.

Brandi said...

oh my! God works in such mysterious ways, huh?!

I DO know how much ruckus you probably caused. I kinda like it. . I have to say that I'm not really popular at all here. . .so, I kinda like Africa! haha

By the way, you don't even need to post. . just clicking on your blog lifts my spirit. That picture is TO DIE FOR! simply adorable.