Friday, October 10, 2008


Courtesy of some children at Frances Gaskins, I lost half a head of hair today. The final result, you ask? A full head of plaits. And way too long of pulling and tugging to do, and then way longer to undo. I've learned that it hurts less if you close your eyes, so usually I just try to take a nap while the tear-causing twisting is happening.

In celebration of the beauty pageant practices that have happened the past 3 nights at the nightclub next door, I thought it would be appropriate to pose in front of the Liberian flag. Tonight I was informed that the pageant was not until Nov. 29th, but for some reason these girls need to start practicing their walks in front of a full-length mirror now...with loud music, a big crowd and lots of microphone feedback involved. Oh, and we can't forget hearing the same 4 songs over and over again! We started to spy on the competition by jumping up on the well and our wall to peek over (we needed some form of entertainment other than setting ant hills on fire). But apparently we caused too much commotion and people started to gather on the road to watch us watch the pageant practice. Needless to say, there's no shortage of nightly entertainment around here. I'll share more pics of our nightly entertainment when my connection is better.


Raquel said...

I watched the first three rounds (well, Oliver and I) of white people vs. the ants. Sherman says to try kerosene. Just dump it in there, no need for fire - although some do use it and the boys may enjoy the pass time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice hair. Did they put any murrays in it??? LOL!!!!

Tyler said...

Your way to white to have your hair like that, thanks for the laugh. And in regards in people watching you on a well...T.I.A.

Juju said...

FINALLY!! I am so glad that you finally fit in over there... i was starting to worry!

Now you are truly (as Momo calls it) a Liberian woman!