Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Going Down

A few photo happenings from around the house this week....

[My friend, waiting on me]

[One Love has discovered a new window to the outside world]

[I designed, explained, negociated and paid to have a carpenter make me a blackboard for my workshop. It was an ordeal, but it looks pretty stinkin great!]

[Cynthia, our laundry lady, brought her twins to work with her on Wednesday. We were invaded by cute babies...looks like Cramer can't handle the cuteness.]

[And finally, Momo proudly displays the bird he killed with a rock. When asked what he was going to do with it, he replied, "I weh ea eh. I weh geh dah womah to rous eh." An hour later, he was complaining of a stomach ache. I say (in true Momo fashion), "small, helpless baby bird, not good for black man."]

Tune in for next week for What's Going Down.

P.S. After much exposure, crazy Liberia things cease to amaze you.


Tyler said...

I'd like to see One Love's head on the other side

Tyler said...

P.S.: keep the photos coming

Anonymous said...

How come Tylers comments always get posted and mine dont?? Hmm...I think I would have to hold my morning Pee if that little friend was waiting there for me!!!!

Raquel said...

I wanna know how your friend died. Death by water? Death by fly swatter?
Because, really, there are just some things that we can't share.