Monday, October 6, 2008

Gifty Update

Today we went to Benson Hospital, with hopes that Gifty would be discharged. Unfortunately, Gifty has come down with a fever, so she will not be discharged until she has been fever-free for 48 hours. Fortunately, she will continue to receive some of the best healthcare that Liberia has to offer, thanks to MSF (Doctors Without Borders). Gifty is looking bigger and stronger, and her eyes are no longer dark yellow.

When we arrived today, she was very quiet. She looked somewhat sleepy, but as soon as the warm milk was passed out she turned feisty. She wanted her milk, she wanted it now and she wanted to make sure we heard her opinion. She gulped her milk like there was no turning back! As she gulped, her belly grew…and grew…

Please continue to pray for Gifty and her situation. We will be placing her at one of the best orphanages in Liberia, and an orphanage that we’ve had a relationship with for a few years now, when she is discharged. We will continue to provide a caretaker as well. You can pray for Fatu (the director of the home Gifty will move to), who will be Gifty’s nighttime caretaker. Gifty’s daytime caretaker will either be Piko or Martha, so you can pray for them as well. Both Piko and Martha have endured long, hot days and sleepless nights at the hospital, so they deserve an extra jewel on their crown!

You can also pray for a girl named Sarah that we met at the hospital today. She’s in the same room as Gifty, and the pediatrician wanted us to take a look at her, in hopes of finding her a better place to live. We were told that Sarah’s about 10 years old—but let me just say that if you thought Gifty looked thin, Sarah is literally just skin and bones. As soon as we saw her, we all looked at each other, and our lack of words said it all—our hearts were broken for this little girl.

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andysbethy said...

Thank you thank you thank you for the Gifty updates. They are a blessing to me.