Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gifty, Gifty

(For some reason, when we’re at the hospital, we all say “Gifty, Gifty”. I think we’re in love…or at least I am!)

I want to give you all a Gifty update since I spent some time at the hospital with her today. But first, I want to address everyone who’s been contacting me and asking how you can help.

At this point in time, I am asking for you all to be in prayer for Gifty and her situation. As far as her adoption process goes, God has linked us with a family who not only feels like God is calling them to adopt, but they also live near a transplant center and their paperwork is up-to-date! Honestly, the biggest obstacle in all of this is getting through all of the red tape in such a short amount of time. You can be in prayer for things on the US Embassy side of things!

For those of you who contacted me because you were interested in more information on Gifty, I want to say thank you for your eager interest. I admire you for being ready and willing to have your life turned upside down for a little girl who’s on the other side of the world. We have all been really amazed at everyone’s interest and support.

Now for the hospital update. I spent about 45 minutes or so at the hospital today with Gifty and Piko. Gifty’s eating is getting back to normal, and she is still fever-free. She was very alert today, but the pneumonia has made her breathing more laborious. Piko said she was playing and laughing this morning, but after her injection, she began coughing a lot—hopefully just from being upset and crying. I held Gifty for a good 15 minutes or so…she was just starring at me, trying to stay awake. I need to take a picture of the girl’s eyelashes—they are killer—and you easily get lost in her big black eyes!

Please continue to pray for Gifty’s medical condition. Pray for healing. Pray that she would be comfortable, and pray that she wouldn’t pick up any new things while she’s in the hospital this time! Pray that God would provide a way for Gifty to receive a new, healthy liver. Pray for a speedy adoption process.

I know that God has a great plan for Gifty! Whether it involves her being here in Liberia, or living in the States, Gifty is a gift! I know Gifty has touched the hearts of so many of you and I look forward to continuing to keep you all updated on her story. I also look forward to being able to look back on all of this and see how God worked in amazing ways! Thank you for your continued prayers, and thank you for giving up a little sliver of your heart to a pint-sized, strong-willed peanut in Liberia—Gifty, Gifty!

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andysbethy said...

Once again, thank you for the Gifty update. She has just reached out her little tiny hand and touched my heart. I am so, so glad to hear that someone with better paperwork is trying to adopt her, because it seems that we have hit a roadblock absolutely EVERYWHERE we turned the last three days. I think I am slightly heartbroken too, because she stole my heart, but I truly do want what is best for her. We will continue to work on our paperwork as quickly as we can too, just in case. No matter what, Our God is in control.