Monday, October 13, 2008

Gifty Update

Debbie and I went to the hospital this morning to deliver all of Gifty's medicines to her caretakers. There are so many medications, all with different instructions, so we spent some time explaining everything to Piko and Martha, and then made sure they understood. Debbie will go back on Wednesday to followup and make sure everything's ok with the meds.

When we got to the hospital, we spoke with the pediatrician and went over all of the meds. First of all, Elana from Spain (the peditrician) is a God-send! She has helped us out so much and she's so willing to help and answer questions. Debbie and I went to Gifty's room to visit and to go over all the meds with the caretakers. Elana told us that she would meet us in there and look at Gifty. She confirmed that Gifty has pneumonia--super boo! Piko also said that she hasn't been eating as much, so they will be watching that too. Gifty seemed much more alert today, but you could tell that breathing wasn't easy. Breathing is already difficult because her belly is so big--she ususally sits very reclined, and will put her arms up above her head--so we think she's figured out how to be the most comfortable, despite her big belly. And, when she looks at you with the 'do something for me because I'm miserable, please' look then you wish you could do something to make her more comfortable.

I will say, that she totally wanted to be my friend today--finally! She played hard to get for awhile, but when I finally picked her up, she took hold of my finger and held on. It was also good to see that she got fussy when she saw them bringing the milk. Thank you to everyone who's been praying for Gifty! Continue to keep Gifty in your prayers! Pray for comfort and healing for her body. Pray for her adoption process. Pray for all things medical--especially for all of the logistics concening a liver transplant. Pray that God's hand would be on Gifty and her situation, and that when we look back, we would see God's power and love through all of this.


Anonymous said...

Is a family working on Gifty's adoption? Is the orphanage working on it? Our family would love to help but I know if there is a paper ready family that is her best hope. We have complete on Liberian adoption but would need to update our paperwork. We will keep praying for Gifty and your wonderful ministry there in Liberia.

Justin Buchanan said...

I left a note the other day, but it has continued to stay on my mind. I echo the words of the previous comment. We want to help.

My wife and I have never completed adoption papers, but we'd gladly do whatever. We just aren't aware of what the options are at this point. But certainly our heart, after being through a liver transplant with our son, is to do whatever we can. PLEASE let us know what we can do or WHO we can speak with about Gifty.