Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Field Team Complete!

The field team in Liberia is finally complete! We are so excited for Debbie to join the team! Debbie will be serving as our Healthcare Coordinator. We have had some medical challenges and now we have a knowledgeable nurse! Not only does Debbie have over 8 years of nursing experience, but with Debbie around, our team is full of joy and laughter.

We welcomed Debbie to Liberia on Friday night. In celebration of Debbie’s arrival, Friday was known around our house as Debbie Day. We wished each other ‘Happy Debbie Day’ all day long.

Debbie's feeling a bit overwhelmed, as we all do when we first arrive; so I know Debbie would appreciate your prayers. Pray for Debbie as she adjusts to life in Liberia. Please keep the rest of the field team in your prayers, along with all of the orphanages that we are working with. Pray for God’s provision—for the orphanages, the children and our ministry. Pray that OR&R’s ministry in Liberia would continue to touch the lives of Liberia’s orphans.

[L to R: Jennifer, Ashley, Matthew, Andrew, Debbie]

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support

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